Wonder Jam

Interactive Immersive Experience, VR Project

Thesis Project - Spring 2018



Research Question

What are good practices and techniques for retailers and brands using immersive technology in branding, especially for streetwear and sneakers, to increase consumers engagement and emotional connections ?

I-Pop-BE (Immersive Pop-Up Brand Experience) Design Framework 

A new format of branding with immersive technology for streetwear culture. Design an experience that brings audiences involved and allows them to explore the contexts behind streetwear and sneaker culture. An Pop-Up Style VR arcade integrates in the existing retail space.

"Wonder Jam"

An interactive immersive experience of Sneaker wonderland.


Contextual Research

Immersive Brand Experience Matrix. Designed by Will Hsu

Immersive Brand Experience Matrix. Designed by Will Hsu

My Are.na : https://are.na/will-hsu/wonder-jam

Practical Project Description

I-Pop-BE (Immersive Pop-Up Brand Experience) Design Framework 

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.12.18.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.13.13.png

"Wonder Jam"


Prototype 1 Video 

Usertesting 1 / Pre-Thesis Demo, Dec 2017


"Wonder Jam" Prototype's Scenes


Future Steps: 

  • Design more scenes 
  • Design interactions
  • Narratives
  • Physical Environment


Methods for primary research

  • User Experience Design 
  • Prototyping 
  • User Testing


  • Augmented reality: Designing immersive experiences that maximize consumer engagement by Joachim Scholz and Andrew N.Smithb
  • Experiencing Interactive Advertising beyond Rich Media by Dan M. Grigorovici & Corina D. Constantin
  • The VR Book — Human Centered Design for Virtual Reality by Jason Jerald
  • Learning Virtual Reality by Tony Parisi
  • Designing Virtual Worlds by Richard A. Bartle
  • The Immersive Worlds Handbook: Designing Theme Parks and Consumer Spaces by Scott Lukas
  • Unreal Engine VR Cookbook: Developing Virtual Reality with UE4 by Mitch McCaffrey
  • Virtual Reality and the Built Environment by Jennifer Whyte

Concept Visuals

The concept visuals are the images I rendered to visualize how the idea of Immersive Experiences integrated with the physical retails. The concept of those are imagining the project "Wonder Jam" was integrated into KITH NYC Flagship Store, a Street-gear retailer selling trendy, casual footwear, clothes and accessories. 

There would be a huge size of monster showcasing what was shown in the HMD( Head-Mounted Display), so the people on the street walk by could get the idea easily and also get interested in it. The immersive experience would be set up in the store. It could be a pop-up style set-up, or even a permanent setup, like having a VR zone in the store. 

The idea and concept were showing the vision of future, VR technology integrated into retail store for enhancing consumers shopping experience and emotional engagement. 


Thesis Outline

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Thesis Contextual Research

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