Pre-Thesis In Digital Media:                Research Methods


Statement of the Ideas

Create a new format of branding with immersive technology. Design an experience that brings audience involved and interact with the narratives between digital and physical spaces. 

The project is going to be a VR experience of mixing streetwear culture with hip hop music and fantasy environment for showcasing the creativity and context behind them.


What are some good ways and techniques for using immersive technology in branding and provide a new commercial experience. 

Project Interview With Nico Hsu

Project Executive Summary

Project Idea Development Update


Execution & Prototyping 


Practices & Techniques


  • Perspectives : First person

  • Environment : Three environments

  • Audio/Sounds : Three sound tracks

  • Interactions : Select the scenes, Movements

  • Formats : Installation / Pop-up


Project Experiments 

Idea Sketches

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 16.27.49.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 16.27.40.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 16.30.33.png

Research : User Experience (UX) Design in Virtual Reality (VR)

I attended Oculus Connect 4, the annual developer conference, and gained some insights of building a better UX design for VR experience, and that might be helpful for my project experiment execution. 

Medium Article: UX Design In VR --- Work In Progress  

Questions for the Project  Interview

Three Images for the Ideas

Brainstorming Phase Statement

Express the passions, emotions and innovation with streetwear culture, and technology. I'm aiming to create a new format for branding, building the digital pop-up store, designing an experience for people to engage and interact with.

Brainstorming Phase Questions

How would the immersive experience allow emotional storytelling and branding?

How could digital media make people more engage and interact more with the streetwear culture?

What is a good way to use immersive technology to brand and promote ?

How would the experience effect people to interact with the products?


Ideation & Research 

Supporting Research

Existing Branding / Marketing with VR

Historical Significance as it Relates to the Idea and roots of the ideas.

Academic Research Doc

Feedbacks & Notes Sep25th Meeting

  • Check out history of pop up store. What makes it good? What's the atmosphere they built?
  • Any AR, VR pop up store - what made them successful or failure. 
  • Virtual geographic site VS Real, physical site 
  • Idea of customization of the product
  • Retail and Art Remix concept
  • Check "Hacking Couture" ITP project
  • Check some statement of brands. Workshop-related events. 
  • Hacking fashion, knock off bags, counterfeit fashion history 

Reflections on Reading “Inter_2017_Spring”

Finding More Inspirations

Spreadsheet for the Research

Inspirations & Research for the project

The Macallan "Gallery 12" Exclusive AR Event 

"Gallery 12" is a mixed reality experience using AR with Microsoft's HoloLens to let people discover the two worlds of Double Cask 12 Years Old and Sherry Oak 12 Years Old through the immersive art installation and testing experience. 


KITH x NIKE, Take Flight, Air Pippen 1 Collection



“Adidas NMD Cube” Interactive LED Installations

In March 2016, adidas built nine large interactive LED installations in major cities around Europe to promote the launch of their new NMD model. The NMD cubes were connected and live streamed the cities to each other, shared Instagram photos and showed branded content.


Adidas NMD Cube Project uses UE4 to Push the Boundaries of Marketing, Engage Community


Jordan House Of Flight - Celebrating its 30th anniversary

Taipei, Taiwan. Oct, 2015


teamLab チームラボ

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 18.08.55.png


Virgil Abloh and Nike Announce New Design Project “The Ten”


How Nike turned the shoe drop into a high-tech treasure hunt


The strange legacy of Tupac’s ‘hologram’ lives on five years after its historic Coachella debut



My Manifesto

I believe technology is about people, only when people are involved could we build something useful and meaningful.

I want to bring contemporary fashion and streetwear into digital world. 

I believe technology combine with art can make something amazing. 


Ideas Brainstorming : Personal Interests Mind Map


My Mind Map Creation Process

As I want my project reflects both my professions and personal interests, I threw all the elements I could come out and tried to see any contexts and possibilities among them. It was not easy actually, since at first I struggle what should be put on there, between career-wise elements and other personal interests, and I figured out what I only needed to do was listening to myself, “what really interests me.” Then the whole process went more easy.

After finished the mind map, I actually had more confidence and sense for what I might want to work on. I think I would like to focus more on something across technology, digital media, art, music, contemporary culture, including streetwear fashion as tools to communicate special experience, and also provide interactions the viewers and the piece. 


Sociology is the study across human social structure, activity by using other methodologies to do the research, analyze,  and proof. Its origin is back to19 century and the main purpose is using those knowledge to seek or improve the benefits of society. The whole research can still work in our society now and be used to support the concepts I want to talk about. The impacts of pop culture by music, clothing, and sports have shaped our society and challenge traditional values a lot throughout the history. I think that’s the subject I would like to dig deeper.    

Interactive Design

The practice of building, designing interactive digital products, installations, systems, environments, and services. The design involves many aspects and elements depends on different purpose, including motions, sounds, lights, space, time, and more. The concept of interactive design have a lot to do with user experience design, and human-computer interaction. I want to take the benefit of designing the interactive product, making the viewers more involved and feel immersive, and evoke more emotions. 

Media Analysis

There are two types of media analysis — Quantitative and Qualitative. Either type of analysis could be useful and many studies will use both types of aspects. For quantitative analysis, the studies require selecting amount of resources. For qualitative analysis, the process might need to involve narrowing down the sources and get the useful information. Media is a huge role of shaping our cultures and society, especially with the development of Internet and smartphone, proving more new media growing. So how to take advantage, getting the right, useful messages from enormous information media provided would be a big task.